Sneak peek at AppScriber 2.0


The fine guys at Immidio are working hard on the next release of AppScriber (version 2.0) and they posted a series of how-to’s on youtube.  The guys already brought us Flex Profiles, so you (oughta) know it’s good.

Personally I had the luck of working with a pre-release of AppScriber and found out how handy this tool is.

If you’re a sysadmin and spent a lot of time granting users access to applications show this movie to your manager and tell order them to get a hand on this product so you can spend your time doing important stuff 🙂 (or whatever you’re paid for).


Display phantom devices

It seems I always run into this problem when converting a physical Windows Server 2003 System to a virtual machine. In 99,9% of these cases I have the issue that the ip-address I want to assign to the virtual NIC (which is the same as the ip-address assigned to the physical NIC) a warning pops up stating that this address is already assigned to another NIC. But when checking for NIC’s, I can only find the virtual NIC..

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