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Yesterday I ran into a problem that the desktop shortcut positions were not saved between logons. The environment consists of Windows7 x64 and hybrid profiles (that is built using a mandatory profile and zero profile technology which is available in RES Workspace Manager 2011). I did some searching and during logon you’ll see the shortcuts in their correct position, but after a few seconds they are all moved to the left side of the screen (as shown below).image

So after seeing this, I logged on to the RES Software Customer Portal and checked if this was a known issue within RES Workspace Manager and soon enough I stumbled across knowledgebase article Q202392, which described the exact issue in cause 2. Unfortunately for me this was solved in SR2 of Workspace Manager 2011 and we’re already running SR4 Sad smile..

Ok, what next?

I logged a support ticket with RES Software and almost immediately got a call from Marc van der Wijst. He told me the problem lies in the way Microsoft works with mandatory profile and can’t be solved within RES Workspace Manager, however a client from RES Software had a workaround which he was willing to share.

The solution /workaround!

Within the registry the user must be denied delete permissions on the following key:


This can be done using the setACL tool from HelgeKlein, but I went on a different route. While the issue is caused by the mandatory profile, why not tweak this profile and set the permissions within the profile. After setting the correct permission and distributing the updated mandatory profile to the clients the shortcuts can be placed across the desktop..


This problem is also in place on Windows Server 2008 R2 (Remote Desktop Services / Citrix XenApp 6.x) with mandatory profiles and any 3rd party profile solutions (like RES Workspace Manager, AppSense User Environment Agent, Scense Live Profiles, Immidio Flex Profiles) as the problem lies within Microsoft Windows.

Hope this helps anyone running into these issues.

Big thanks to Marc van der Wijst for helping me out!!

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  1. Had the same problem and had alzo contacted res for a solution. The also gave me the article but that didnt worked for me. If found this solution and send it to res. Also solved the the problem with different resolutions and keeping the positions. Check my blog for this solution.

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