Citrix QuickLaunch Tool

The last Citrix online plug-in from Citrix which included the Program Neigborhood was version 11.0 as announced here. I get their reasons, but as a consultant I found the Program Neigborhood pretty handy to connect to Citrix Farms of different customers.

Well Citrix is kind enough to provide us a tool which enables us to use some features of the old Program Neigborhood. This tool needs to be installed next to – preferably one of the latest – Citrix online plug-in and if you’re running it from Windows 7 you need to register the file TABCTL32.OCX. The Citrix QuickLaunch Tool can be downloaded here. The TABCTL32.OCX must be downloaded separately (e.g. here) or get it from a running copy of Windows XP/2003.

Below is a video of how to use the Citrix QuickLaunch Tool.

Overview and demo of Citrix Quick Launch Tool

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