Together with a friend of mine, I’m the owner of Volleybaltoernooien.nl. We started this site back in 2006 in order to provide the Dutch volleyball community with a searchable calendar of tournaments played throughout the year. We decided to build this site on asp.NET (because we both work with Microsoft products) from scratch. Because this was our first encounter with developing websites we had some flaws/omissions in the site:

  • usage of tables for layout. The site had a different look in almost every different browser
  • results only displayed in a table


Now after almost 4 years we found the time to update /upgrade the site. The main reason is that we wanted to implement google maps to show the results. So we started to develop a new version of volleybaltoernooien.nl based on the following requirements:

  • Same look in all major browsers
  • Easy
    • to search
    • to add a tournament
  • Show results in Google maps
  • Show results in ordered list
  • “clean” site
  • “Europe / World ” ready (requirements are in place, globalization is in progress)

Volleybaltoernooien.nl 2.0

Because both of us aren’t a developer or designer it took some time and probably things can be done smarter, but it’s another improvement of a site that attracts more than 10.000 unique visitors a month since the start.

Please feel free to visit the website (if you can read dutch) and comment on this topic. In a few weeks the site will also be available in English, German (& hopefully French).

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